Top 5 creative Instagramers, who show off their homes

It's no secret – we love Instagram. In fact, we're pretty much obsessed. Because we spend so much time with our faces buried in our feed, We've developed somewhat of an obsessive longing for posts from several people. Several AMAZING people. We find ourselves coming back, time-and-time-again. It's kind of like that feeling you get when you walk into someones house (you've been invited, of course) and immediately fall in love with their style, and you want to start touching EVERYTHING!!! We hope that's not just us...

Because of this, we've decided to share with you our, Top 5 creative Instagramers.


1. Tess Guinery

A visual communicator and graphic designer. Tess is married to a stuntman and is mother to Peaches Wilde.

One of the things we love so much about Tess, is her unique style. Her posts are always full of colour and personality. Her love for life, family and creativity shines through in everything she posts. 

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2. Emma Lane

Showcases adventures of her sea change and is co-creator of The Farm Byron Bay.

The perfect combination between the rustic reclaimed timber and beautiful colour-blocking, is part of what we love so much about Emma's posts. It's real and it's refreshing! We love the baskets and balanced colour palette too.



3. Olli Ella

Sisters Chloe and Olivia Brookman founded Olli Ella and are the makers of effortless decor.

From their modern nursing chairs to their woolen rugs, every piece in the Olli Ella collection is made for a child’s space, but looks fabulous in grown-up spaces too. Their posts give a warm and welcoming insight, into their life and home.

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4. Mae Gabriel

A blog with an edge, Mae talks about interior styling and home inspiration. All while keeping up with her son, Hayden and his sidekick, Panda.

We are obsessed with Scandinavian interiors, after recently refurnishing our own apartment. Her posts are a great inspiration for monochromatic home decor. So stunning! 

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5. Katy Thomas

A Melbourne based product stylist and creative director behind The Eye Spy Milk Bar.

She shares affordable styling inspiration with a focus on home, kids and lifestyle. All the things we love! Her posts are a great example of how you can build on a monochromatic base, using a balanced colour palette.

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